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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Criminal Village of Lombard Keith Steiskal and Chris Hanigan for the Fire Department Bureau of Inspectional Services

For the record, during 2005, SBC Telephone Repairman Edward Westenholtz, Telephone (630) 620-3858 (Office), and (312) 760-2829 (Pager), other unauthorized intruders trespassed and jumped over the fence of the Hung Family property, using the Carpenters’ driveway at 504 S. Westmore Avenue, into the Hung Family’s backyard at 502 S. Westmore Avenue in Lombard, to pull out the existing telephone lines, the rain gutters, the roof tiles, and all the supporting wooden structures for the roofing on the southwest side of the house. Then, SBC Repairman Edward Westenholtz and other unauthorized intruders left all the damages, debris, and wooden rubble all over the Hung Family’s backyard, over the flower beds, and on the existing lawn trampled in the backyard. In 2006, the City of Lombard and the Fire Department Bureau of Inspectional Services, Chris Hanigan and Keith Steiskal, blame Defendant Gardenia C. Hung for the municipal code citation and violation, when Defendant is not at fault nor guilty in this legal action for the criminal activities, damages, and extensive losses instigated by SBC Repairman Edward Westenholtz and other unauthorized intruders, trespassers who have committed a criminal public offense by the destruction of private real estate property owned by the Hung Family in Lombard, DuPage County, Illinois. SBC Repairman Edward Westenholtz and other intruders have maliciously and willfully destroyed private real estate property. They have deliberately and intentionally violated the Lombard International Property Maintenance Code of the Illinois Code of Ordinances in DuPage County. Consequently, Defendant, Gardenia C. Hung is not guilty nor liable as charged by Plaintiff in this legal matter. Under U.S. Constitutional law and the Illinois Compiled Statutes, any party or persons guilty of such criminal activity is liable for public offense, proportionate to the value of any property damaged, altered or destroyed, and thereby accountable for the Hung Family’s damaged property and all the losses, the destruction, and the crime caused by their wrongful criminal acts. For the record, the City of Lombard, the Police Department, the Fire Department Bureau of Inspectional Services, and local DuPage County law enforcement have not notified the Hung Family or advised the Defendant, Gardenia C. Hung, of any criminal activity to date.

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